Intelligent imitation of manual grinding technology

“ Yebao cues factory is unique and integrates traditional craft and innovative technology ”

牟锡恩(Xi'en Mou)

Carefully crafted and perfect inlay technology

Innovative Technology

patented technology & craftsmanship

Perfect Arrow Craft

Can be personalized to produce uniform style arrow pattern

This innovative technological invention brings forward-looking performance improvements and aesthetics to the cue shaft

Allows softer raw wood to be backfilled with a special material that is harder than it is on the engraved arrow pattern to enhance its hardness


patent CN202110452130.9

Ceramic Wood

New material replaces traditional ebony

The invention of this innovative process gives the club grip long-lasting performance

Traditional craftsmanship uses ebony to make cue butt, which may crack under certain extreme weather conditions.


patent CN202110709060.0

Buffer Gusset Craft

Sandwich ply gusset design

The invention of this innovative gusseting process can provide a more stable force transmission for the connection between the cue shaft and butt

The shaft and butt of the cue are made of different wood materials, which will produce resistance by hitting after the two are connected.


patent CN202110882884.8