hardcore 2

MSRP: CNY 10,000.00

 YEBAO  hardcore 2


division of cue

one piece


YeBao tip

Tip Diameter

10 - 10.5 mm

Shaft material


Butt Diameter

28 - 30 mm

Butt material



145 cm


500 - 530 g

balance point

43 - 45 cm

force transmission

4.0 - 6.0 kgf
Behind the scenes
Polishing technology

"Automation integrates simulation manual polishing process", which gives full play to the polishing process. After years of combining manual polishing technology into intelligent and automatic machinery, we have independently developed fully automatic polishing equipment, which fully achieves manual polishing technology in intelligent simulation. , each cue needs to be precision polished for up to 6-8 hours.

high quality raw materials

The raw materials of each cue must be stored for more than five years after natural air-drying to precipitate its own performance, and then through layers of screening to eliminate inferior materials, in order to create a good cue with a good feeling of play and sufficient power transmission.

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